The Journey to Self through SoulCollage®

The Ego, Jung tells us, is that part of the pyche that we think of as 'I'. Our conscious intelligence. Our everyday brain that thinks, plans and runs the show of our day-to-day life. The Self, as Jung defined it, is a greater entity, which includes the Ego but also incorporates the Personal and Collective Unconscious. Dreams and intuitions come from the Self. The archetypes of the unconscious dwell there. It is, Jung believed, the sphere of the Soul ~~Steven Pressfield. 'The War of Art'

"I would love to live like a river flows,
 carried by the surprise
 of its own unfolding".

 ~ ~John O'Donohue

Thursday, August 6, 2015

'Find your Inner Compass with SoulCollage®' at Womenspace 2nd Sept

SoulCollage® card: Jo Knights. NOTE: SoulCollage® cards may be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the cards or for use as examples to illustrate the SoulCollage® process. It is a principle of SoulCollage® that SoulCollage® cards are not for sale, trade, or barter.

It was a profound and life-changing experience for me when I made and dialogued with my first SouCollage® card at a one-off workshop at Womenspace in 2008 (that's it above). Since then I've made well over 100 SoulCollage® cards and trained as a facilitator (in 2010), so I'm delighted to have been invited to make a 90 minute presentation about SoulCollage® at Womenspace on Wednesday 2nd September at their monthly Wise Women's Circle. 

If you haven't yet discovered the magic of SoulCollage®, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience a taste of it amongst a group of like-minded women, without having to pay for a full workshop.  No artistic “talent” or experience is necessary SoulCollage® is simple, fun, creative and profound. 

We will be making a collaged card using images only (no words) from magazines and other sources, and then using the specific SoulCollage® dialoguing process to by-pass our logical minds, directly accessing the wisdom of our subconscious. 

Note that this event is being held at Grange Library (not the Womenspace premises) and you will need to book with Susannah at Womenspace on   

Venue:  Grange Library, 79 Evelyn Street, Grange  QLD  4051
Date:     Wed 2nd September, 2015  7.15pm for 7.30 start - 9.30pm
Cost:      $15 ($12 for Womenspace members) includes supper

You can find out more about Womenspace and the wonderful programmes they are offering at  They are also on Facebook at

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