The Journey to Self through SoulCollage®

The Ego, Jung tells us, is that part of the pyche that we think of as 'I'. Our conscious intelligence. Our everyday brain that thinks, plans and runs the show of our day-to-day life. The Self, as Jung defined it, is a greater entity, which includes the Ego but also incorporates the Personal and Collective Unconscious. Dreams and intuitions come from the Self. The archetypes of the unconscious dwell there. It is, Jung believed, the sphere of the Soul ~~Steven Pressfield. 'The War of Art'

"I would love to live like a river flows,
 carried by the surprise
 of its own unfolding".

 ~ ~John O'Donohue

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SoulCollage® Studio session Monday 5th September

"Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"   ~~The Queen to Alice in Wonderland.

Hello dear SoulCollagers,

I hope you're enjoying the experience of making and dialoguing with your cards. If you'd like to get together with some like-minded people, the next SoulCollage® Studio session is coming up next Monday 5th.

These Studio sessions are for people who are already making and dialoguing with their SoulCollage® cards, not for people new to the process.

Here are the details:
WHEN: Monday 5th September, 2011, 6pm to 9pm   
Downstairs Room 
Brisbane Quaker Meeting House
10 Hampson St
Kelvin Grove 
Go down the path beside the house and then continue on down the stairs. 
There's a small carpark inside the grounds, or you can park in the street. 
COST: $10 (to cover room hire, materials, and coffee, tea and nibbles)
NB: If you attended the workshop at Brookfield on 13th August, you can come to this session for free.
Please bring any cards you've made. I'll supply magazines, scissors, glue etc but it's nice if everyone brings one or two magazines to add to the variety of images. (NB: I provide Glue Sticks, but if you prefer to use your own particular glue, please bring it with you.)

I'll have for sale:
Packs of blank cards: $9 for 10 cards
Seena Frost's latest book, 'SoulCollage® Evolving': $33 ($30 for anyone who's previously attended one of my workshops).    
Packs of 25 card sleeves to protect your cards: $5 (or .20c each sleeve).
SoulCollage® & Art Therapy CDs: $15 

This session I'll be going over the questions that you use to dialogue with your cards, and the rest of the session will be for card-making.                                                                             

**PLEASE BOOK:  Due to considerations of space and materials, it's important that you  book with me by phone or email. Thanks

These regular monthly evenings are for meeting other SoulCollagers, for card-making and for sharing our cards and SoulCollage® experiences among friends.  Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage®  believes that community is a very important component of SoulCollage®.  If you have any questions about SoulCollage® this is the time to ask me (you are, of course, welcome to phone me at any time with questions which might come up for you with your SoulCollage® practice).  Note that if you don't want to share any of your insights from your cards with another person or the group, that's perfectly OK.  Please still come along and enjoy making some cards.

NB: If you've been making and dialoguing with your cards but haven't been to a workshop, you're still really welcome to come along to these sessions and meet others doing SoulCollage®, be inspired, and have fun!

If at any time you have suggestions on what you'd like me to cover during one of the studio sessions, please let me know. 

If you're enjoying your SoulCollage®, please tell your friends about it. Although I don't have any workshops scheduled at present, I'll be continuing to run the introductory workshops, and later, more in-depth workshops on  some particular aspects of the process. Also, if you know of a group (church, women's/mens group/quilting or art group/therapists' organisation etc) I'm happy to come along and give a free talk about SoulCollage® to the group.  I can offer participants a tempting taste of the process in about 30 minutes to an hour.

I found this quote by Alan Alda (the actor from the 'Mash' TV series) which seems to me to relate to major aspects of SoulCollage®, i.e. the need to make the cards intuitively, it's sometimes 'uncomfortable', but the reward is discovering yourself (your 'Self') in the process: 

"The creative is the place where no-one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." 

Hope to see you next Monday.

Happy SoulCollaging!


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